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We’ve got all your needs covered: from single residential Wall mounts , to commercial multi-story offices and everything in between. Don’t hesitate to ask us a question or inquire as to why a certain process has to take place. All of our staff are friendly and knowledgeable because we know what it’s like to be in your shoes. We want you to know just how special you and your project are to us, so we do our very best to ensure that you and your needs always come first. We even have a complimentary estimate where we’ll come out to you!

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Commercial Air Conditioning

There are two elements to commercial air conditioning that Envirocool HVAC installs to properties. The Split System air conditioning and VRF air conditioning system. Over the years we have installed multiple air conditioning units across a wide range of commercial properties from small office buildings through to large stores and hotels. As a result, Envirocool is perfectly placed to advise clients on the right commercial air conditioning system for you.


Split System Air Conditioning

If you have a smaller commercial space that requires air conditioning, then the Split System Air conditioning is best suited to you. These are used in the cooling and heating of individual rooms, rather than large office spaces with high traffic. There are two parts to the installation of these units. The internal units are installed somewhere discreet for maximum effectiveness and the external unit away from busy areas. These units are ideal if you run a small shop, café or small office. They are an affordable solution and can also be used in combination to serve slightly larger spaces or multiple rooms.


VRF Air Conditioning System


VRF known as variable refrigerant flow systems are ideal for larger commercial spaces where there is a higher activity in the room that requires environmental controlling. Commercial spaces such as large open plan offices, hotels, and mixed areas where heating and cooling over the day is required. These systems are easy to control and highly flexible once installed by Envirocool. There are two types that we can install for you;

The Heat pump variant of the VRF system is perfect for open plan areas or single rooms, as they provide either heating or cooling at any one given time.

The Heat Recovery variant of the VRF commercial air conditioning system can provide heating and cooling as required to different areas within your 

commercial space during the operational day. Perfect for mixed commercial areas such as hospitals and hotels.


VRF systems are in our opinion the best solution for medium to large applications such as hotels, hospitals and mixed-use buildings. They are extremely reliable and easy to control and meet larger buildings complete heating and cooling requirements. 


Each system that is installed by Envircool HVAC has different heating and cooling capacities for different applications so if you contact Envircool HVAC today we can advise on the correct system for you.

All new installations are covered by our 5 years parts and labour guarantee as standard.

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Domestic Air Conditioning

At Envirocool HVAC we are specialists in domestic air conditioning installations. When it comes to cooling a domestic property the standard unit installation is the wall-mounted air conditioning units. The units Envirocool install can be fitted in your room without any fuss or structural disturbance and can easily control the temperature of most domestic spaces. Each domestic air conditioning unit that is installed is placed at a high level in the room providing an effective and discreet operation. Each domestic wall mounted unit installed by our engineers at Envirocool provides you with air filtration allowing for a healthy dust and bacteria free environment.


When it comes to domestic air conditioning with larger rooms in order for the air quality and temperature to be maintained you may need an additional unit to be installed. These will need to be quieter units that are 8KW or lower. These types of domestic air conditioning function at lower noise levels than the commercial property units meaning they are ideally suited to the domestic customer. 


A further domestic air conditioning solution is the installation of a ducted air conditioning system by Envirocool HVAC. These units are installed within ceiling space and are engineered to be a concealed unit with both the unit itself and the duct that removes the air being placed in the ceiling void. This type of domestic air conditioning unit is a more complex installation as attention has to be paid to the structural layout of the area where the air conditioning unit will be placed. Often, we recommend that these types of installation be performed when the building or room is being renovated to minimise impact on your room. Although this type of air conditioning unit installation is the most complex, you will find that one installed by Enviroccol HVAC is exceptionally pleasing to the eye and incredibly effective.


Please visit our case studies page to see further examples of Air Conditioning we have fitted in our client’s homes. We do offer a no-obligation free quote service and are happy to arrange a visit to your home at a time convenient to you, alternatively, we can answer any questions you may have over the phone.

If you need any advice on domestic air conditioning units and installation, our engineers will be able to offer you their extensive knowledge and advice on which product is best suited to your needs.

All new installations covered by our 5 years parts and labour guarantee as standard.

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Heat Recovery

What is Heat Recovery?

Envirocool HVAC are specialists in indoor heat recovery systems and solutions. The heat recovery systems that we install provide you with the very best indoor air solutions. Our solutions provide a clean, safe and cost effective benefit to your business. All of our systems make use of the expelled heat from your air conditioning unit to preheat the incoming cooler air. Each unit installed comes with filters to clean the air from particles such as pollen, our filters help reduce the age old problem of damp and mould build up in premises.


Heat recovery systems work using highly efficient heat exchangers that transfer the outgoing hot air from your building to pre-heat the incoming cold air. We recommend that a heat recovery system be used in tandem with your air conditioning units. We have seen when these are installed by us that there is around a 28% reduction in the load on the installed air conditioning units. 

When it comes to your commercial space, this system is ideal as once installed you will benefit from cleaner, contaminant free air, lower energy bills and an odour free environment. 


Domestic Heat Recovery


Heat Recovery systems installed by Envirocool HVAC also are suitable for any domestic application. Using a mechanical heat recovery ventilation system offers you a fantastic solution that allows the input of fresh air from outside of the building without the loss of any heat in the process. These recovery systems can be installed in any domestic room that you require and are especially effective in toilets, wet rooms, bathrooms and kitchens. Heat recovery systems can solve the problem of any stale air that is contaminated with humidity, toxins and smells as a result of those contaminants.  Essentially anywhere that will quickly see the build up of these contaminants can feature one of these systems. Using grilles to remove the stale air is performed by discreet grilles and replaced by filtered fresh air from the outside. The fresh air is first delivered into the ventilation system before being pre heated prior to entering the room. This pre-heated air is continuously supplied by the heat recovery system and airflow is maintained using transfer grilles and undercuts on internal doors. 

At Envirocool HVAC we are specialists at installing Heat Recovery Systems, based in the North West of England contact us now for your indoor environment control. Our team is highly qualified to carry out air conditioning and refrigeration services, as well as heat recovery and ventilation of all room types.

Get in touch with Envirocool today to see how we can help you.

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Envirocool HVAC offers a wide range of heating, ventilation and air conditioning solutions. We provide the full range of ventilation services in terms of extract, fresh air supply and heat recovery. Our services for indoor ventilation include;


Toilet extraction

Kitchen extraction

Fresh air systems

De-stratifications fans

Heat recovery systems


Ventilation of commercial and domestic environments is our speciality and we can provide alterations or repair to any ventilation system you might have installed at your premises. Our services also include repairs to fans, extraction ducting cleaning, any building alterations to accommodate your units and airflow testing.

Our team can design via CAD any ventilation system you require and install them into new or refurbished buildings as required. At Envirocool, we work with many large building contractors in the UK in order to install the heating ventilation and air conditioning system correctly and where necessary making alterations and testing the airflow. 


In addition our team is able to provide building and electrical services with your heating and air conditioning installation as part of our scope of work to reduce the overheads associated with employing external contractors.

Get in touch with Envirocool today to see how we can help you.

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Envirocool HVAC services provide a fully managed design and installation package, tailoring each project to individual client requirements, resulting in reduced costs and energy consumption. We consider our workmanship to set standards of quality within the industry while keeping our prices competitive. Having over 10 years of experience means our installations are run efficiently and effectively with little site disruption.

We design our systems based on the specific requirements of every individual premise. We take into account peak usage, area volume to be cooled or heated and energy efficiency. Envirocool manages the full installation from initial quote/survey to designing bespoke systems and carrying out the installation. Further to this, we offer affordable maintenance contracts meaning you have peace of mind that your system will be running to the best of its capacity at all times.


We install a variety of air conditioning systems and more complex Heat Pump, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems, specialising in a range of premises including offices, schools, retail, and server rooms. We supply and install different types of indoor units – wall mounted, cassette, concealed ceiling, floor stands and many more. The ideal indoor unit can therefore be selected and tailored to your individual air conditioning installation room requirements. All our new installations are covered with a full 3 years parts and labour warranty.

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As engineers we understand the importance of air conditioning maintenance, that is why Envirocool offers each client a tailor-made maintenance contract designed around your requirements, at what time suits you and how frequently you require a full service.


Many people underestimate the benefits of maintenance here are some key facts to consider:


Regular services can increase the overall life span of your system, remove unwanted odours and keeps the unit like new and reduce energy consumption up to 36%.

Recycled air can contain some unpleasant bacteria which can settle on the filters inside the system. This can mean our system can spread germs and illness through the air it expels. Regular cleaning of these filters helps remove 99.9% of evaporator bacteria and fungi.




Installing an air conditioning unit is a major investment and therefore you should want to protect it. Most cases of expensive repairs are a result of poor maintenance which is why it is important to have regular servicing. The minimum recommendation would be two service visits each year however, in environments with more critical use, frequent visits would be highly recommended. Our bespoke packages give you complete control. As well as offering tailored Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) programs we also provide a 24 hour 365 day per year call-out service.

If you are currently experiencing bad odours, freezing, poor airflow, leaks or higher than usual energy bills on a system you currently have installed this could be a result of a poorly maintained system.

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Breakdown, Repair and Decommissioning


Air Conditioning Breakdown and Repair services from Envirocool are responsive and proactive as we fully understand how important your air conditioning service is. Envirocool HVAC services offer a high-quality resolution to any Air-conditioning breakdown and understand that your business will demand a reliable and swift response. With this in mind, we offer a 24/7 call-out service at a price that is affordable. Our fully qualified engineers use their experience and latest diagnostic equipment to analyse the cause of the breakdown and provide a fast and accurate solution. They use their extensive knowledge and only ever replace components with authentic parts. In the event of breakdown, our experienced engineers will be able to quote repairs on site the same day.


There will always come a time where an air conditioning unit isn’t up to standard and needs disposing of but it is important that this is done correctly and safely. Envirocool Engineers are qualified in the decommissioning and removal of old units. It is essential that this work is carried out by a qualified and experienced engineer to guarantee a safe removal and disposal of the refrigerant, making sure correct procedures are carried out with all refrigerant traceable to FGAS regulations.

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