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There are two elements to commercial air conditioning that Envirocool HVAC installs to properties. The Split System air conditioning and VRF air conditioning system. Over the years we have installed multiple air conditioning units across a wide range of commercial properties from small office buildings through to large stores and hotels. As a result, Envirocool is perfectly placed to advise clients on the right commercial air conditioning system for you.

The Split System

If you have a smaller commercial space that requires air conditioning, then the Split System Air conditioning is best suited to you. These are used in the cooling and heating of individual rooms, rather than large office spaces with high traffic. There are two parts to the installation of these units. The internal units are installed somewhere discreet for maximum effectiveness and the external unit away from busy areas. These units are ideal if you run a small shop, café or small office. They are an affordable solution and can also be used in combination to serve slightly larger spaces or multiple rooms.

VRF Air Conditioning System

VRF known as variable refrigerant flow systems are ideal for larger commercial spaces where there is a higher activity in the room that requires environmental controlling. Commercial spaces such as large open plan offices, hotels, and mixed areas where heating and cooling over the day is required. These systems are easy to control and highly flexible once installed by Envirocool. There are two types that we can install for you;

The Heat pump variant of the VRF system is perfect for open plan areas or single rooms, as they provide either heating or cooling at any one given time. The Heat Recovery variant of the VRF commercial air conditioning system can provide heating and cooling as required to different areas within your commercial space during the operational day. Perfect for mixed commercial areas such as hospitals and hotels.

VRF systems are in our opinion the best solution for medium to large applications such as hotels, hospitals and mixed-use buildings. They are extremely reliable and easy to control and meet larger buildings complete heating and cooling requirements.

Each system that is installed by Envirocool HVAC has different heating and cooling capacities for different applications so if you contact Envirocool HVAC today we can advise on the correct system for you.

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