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As engineers we understand the importance of air conditioning maintenance, that is why Envirocool offers each client a tailor-made maintenance contract designed around your requirements, at what time suits you and how frequently you require a full service. Many people underestimate the benefits of maintenance here are some key facts to consider: Regular services can increase the overall life span of your system, remove unwanted odours and keeps the unit like new and reduce energy consumption up to 36%. Recycled air can contain some unpleasant bacteria which can settle on the filters inside the system. This can mean our system can spread germs and illness through the air it expels. Regular cleaning of these filters helps remove 99.9% of evaporator bacteria and fungi.

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Installing an air conditioning unit is a major investment and therefore you should want to protect it. Most cases of expensive repairs are a result of poor maintenance which is why it is important to have regular servicing. The minimum recommendation would be two service visits each year however, in environments with more critical use, frequent visits would be highly recommended. Our bespoke packages give you complete control. As well as offering tailored Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) programs we also provide a 24 hour 365 day per year call-out service. If you are currently experiencing bad odours, freezing, poor airflow, leaks or higher than usual energy bills on a system you currently have installed this could be a result of a poorly maintained system.

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Each system that is installed by Envirocool HVAC has different heating and cooling capacities for different applications so if you contact Envirocool HVAC today we can advise on the correct system for you.

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