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Envirocool HVAC are specialists in indoor heat recovery systems and solutions. The heat recovery systems that we install provide you with the very best indoor air solutions. Our solutions provide a clean, safe and cost effective benefit to your business. All of our systems make use of the expelled heat from your air conditioning unit to preheat the incoming cooler air. Each unit installed comes with filters to clean the air from particles such as pollen, our filters help reduce the age old problem of damp and mould build up in premises.

Heat recovery systems work using highly efficient heat exchangers that transfer the outgoing hot air from your building to pre-heat the incoming cold air. We recommend that a heat recovery system be used in tandem with your air conditioning units. We have seen when these are installed by us that there is around a 28% reduction in the load on the installed air conditioning units.

When it comes to your commercial space, this system is ideal as once installed you will benefit from cleaner, contaminant free air, lower energy bills and an odour free environment.

Domestic Heat Recovery

Heat Recovery systems installed by Envirocool HVAC also are suitable for any domestic application. Using a mechanical heat recovery ventilation system offers you a fantastic solution that allows the input of fresh air from outside of the building without the loss of any heat in the process. These recovery systems can be installed in any domestic room that you require and are especially effective in toilets, wet rooms, bathrooms and kitchens. Heat recovery systems can solve the problem of any stale air that is contaminated with humidity, toxins and smells as a result of those contaminants.  Essentially anywhere that will quickly see the build up of these contaminants can feature one of these systems. Using grilles to remove the stale air is performed by discreet grilles and replaced by filtered fresh air from the outside. The fresh air is first delivered into the ventilation system before being pre heated prior to entering the room. This pre-heated air is continuously supplied by the heat recovery system and airflow is maintained using transfer grilles and undercuts on internal doors.

At Envirocool HVAC we are specialists at installing Heat Recovery Systems, based in the North West of England contact us now for your indoor environment control. Our team is highly qualified to carry out air conditioning and refrigeration services, as well as heat recovery and ventilation of all room types.

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Each system that is installed by Envirocool HVAC has different heating and cooling capacities for different applications so if you contact Envirocool HVAC today we can advise on the correct system for you.

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