What does an air conditioning service include?


Having well maintained and regularly serviced air-conditioning units ensures maximum efficiency in terms of usage and costs for your home or business. Without frequent checks and servicing, you will not only see a decline in your performance, but possible additional costs as parts of the units become dirty and inefficient.

Having regular servicing by trained HVAC engineers ensures your units are running smoothly and it is essential that you use only a trained professional for your air conditioning unit service.

A trained engineer from Envirocool HVAC will attend to the following areas of service for your air conditioning unit;

Air filter cleaning

First of all the filters in your air conditioning units will need to be removed and cleaned. Over time and use, these filters become clogged with dust and other particles extracted from your environment. Depending on the type usage in the space your air conditioning units are a controlling, will depend on how often they will need cleaning. The higher the usage and the higher levels of particles in the air, the more often. 

As dirt and debris builds up in your air conditioning filters, the air flow through the system becomes restricted and therefore lowers the overall effectiveness of the unit. If the filters are not regularly checked and cleaned the dirt could start to move onto other areas of the unit, possibly affecting the evaporator coils in the unit and causing unnecessary damage, resulting in loss of heat removal from your environment.

Condenser and evaporator cleaning

Evaporator Coils

An Envirocool HVAC engineer will also as part of the service, check your air conditioning units coils. These are the vital components that alter the temperature of the air going through the unit. Over the years every unit will collect dust and dirt particles. As this dust accumulates the airflow through the unit decreases giving you a loss of effectiveness from the evaporator coils reducing the efficiency of heat transfer from the air as it flows through the system. This will have a noticeable impact on the people using the space as the air struggles to reach desired temperatures. Our fully qualified engineers will identify and clean any dust particles on the coil and if there is any build of mould in the unit – treat with approved cleaning products.

Condenser coils  

The condenser coils remove the heat taken from the air by the evaporator coils and expel it into the outside air. These two coils work in tandem and as part of the service from Envirocool HVAC these are maintained. As they are external parts, they need to be checked for build-up of debris such as leaves or other objects. Keeping this area clear is vital to ensuring your air conditioning units perform as they should. The condenser units should be free from obstruction on all sides as part of an air-conditioning service, an engineer will review the area to check that it is clear of any such problems

In addition to the build-up of dirt and debris on the coils, sometimes the fins in the unit can become damaged and bent. A service engineer will check these over and if necessary straighten them to enable a better clear air flow.

Fan cleaning

One of the areas within an air conditioning unit that sees the most wear and tear are the fans. Often these can become damaged with prolonged usage. A qualified technician will identify those blades that require replacing and those that simply require cleaning. Damaged blades if not rectified could cause further issues and expense if they fail during operation.

Drain and pump check

The next stage in the air conditioning service is for the engineer to check for any leaks or condensation pump issues. Special attention is made to the drip tray and pump connections within the unit to ensure there has not been any damage since the last inspection.

Refrigerant level check and FGAS compliance 

The refrigerant level in the air conditioning unit is critical for optimal performance. The refrigerant can only to be removed and disposed of by a qualified FGAS engineers. If the system is not properly leak tight the refrigerant can gradually leak out over time, this affects the temperature control levels and efficiency off the system and needs to be properly addressed. The main requirements of the FGAS regulations is for all stationary systems containing more than 3 kg of refrigerant are recorded and logged to have been leaked checked every 12 month , we can produce FGAS logs and relevant certification for your Air conditioning and refrigeration systems while servicing your units  .

Overall Inspection of the AC units

Once the main working elements of the air conditioning unit are serviced. Our engineers will inspect the remaining parts of the unit. These include the motors, thermostats, compressor and controls. All these need to be checked they are in full working order to ensure your air conditioning unit is operating as effectively as they can be. 

If you need your air conditioning unit service or even if you think it is not operating as well as it should be, contact us now and we can have one of our fully qualified engineers out to you.